Pioneer day

Pioneer day at Stoneybrook for the grade threes.


Yay! New Orange Belt

Yay I finally  got my orange belt.

Orange belt

Meet Napoleon

Meet the new member of our family – Napoleon Leopold Atkinson.
Napoleon Leopold Atkinson

Long time no post

Sorry, haven’t posted for a while – going to start again soon.

Great camp at the Pioneer Village


New Neighbour Robin

Two eggs hatched on May 12 –

Emma’s 7th Birthday

Emma as a Cheetah

Emma has chosen to sponsor a Cheetah named Emma in honour of her Seventh Birthday.

Having grown up hearing about the work her mom did in Africa to save the wild cheetah Emma has decided to give back and help cheetahs in Africa.

Keep checking back for updates on Emma the cheetah!

Emma the Cheetah


CCF cares for orphaned, old or injured cheetahs that cannot be released back into the wild as they do not have the skills or physical capability to survive.

By sponsoring a non-releasable cheetah Emma is helping cover part or all of the annual costs for caring for them.


Visit this site to see the updates on Emma’s Cheetah, the certificate and images. Click here to read more about Emma the Cheetah-

Or Here to find out how you can sponsor a Cheetah yourself

To make a donation you can send a check -C/O Emma Atkinson to Cheetah Conservation Fund Canada

Nyana Spier

Summer Fun

Summer Fun with my family and friends

Playdough creation

Craft afternoon creation

Rapunzel in play-dough,  created by Emma.

Pony Trail at Circle R Ranch